Quilt Life

Quilt retreat progress report

I had hoped to write a triumphant post today about how much I got done at Quilt Retreat last weekend. Unfortunately that’s not the case. While I normally can accomplish more in one four-day weekend of uninterrupted sewing than I can in a month of distracted craft time at home, my weekend was anything but uninterrupted. The child care I had arranged for Angela fell through, so she spent several

Quilt retreat!

As you read this I am happily sewing away at quilt retreat. The semi-annual get-a-way is hosted by my guild, the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and it gives me four days of (mostly) uninterrupted sewing and quilting. This is the first time I’m going for more than just the weekend in three years, so I’m very excited about how much I can get done. I know, if you’re a regular

Storing quilt blocks in scrapbook cases

When I converted my sewing room into a nursery, quilt supply storage became even more important than ever before. One space-saving solution I’ve found that I absolutely love is using scrapbook cases as a storage solution for quilt blocks that are not ready to be pieced into a quilt top yet. I’ve got several to hold block of quilts in progress. There’s one holding my New York  Beauty blocks for

Taking the plunge

Two weeks ago I was laid off. No warning, just called into the boss’ office and told that the social media department I was hired to build just wasn’t large enough to cover my salary and that was that. I probably should be mad. I was only there for seven months, and while at my previous agency I built the social media department into a $30,000 a month revenue driver,

Sleeping babies, the IRS and creative time

  The good news … at nine-months-old Angela has started to go to sleep and stay asleep at the same time every night. And her bedtime is a full three hours before my bedtime, which means plenty of time to do whatever I want. The bad news … I’ve been spending the majority of that time doing the books for the blog. In 2014, after years and years of blogging,

Quilt Retreat!

In just under four weeks I will spend four days at my guild’s quilt retreat! I’ll be going with my aunt, who you can see here with me in a photo taken about three years ago at the last retreat we went to together. It has been so long since I’ve had uninterrupted sewing time, that I just can’t wait for the opportunity. I used to go without fail for

Don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight

I have a few quilting rules, most of them regulate what I can and cannot attempt to sew after 10 p.m. Paper piecing is at the top of the do not attempt list. The results are similar to getting a Mogwai wet or feeding it after midnight. My sewing abilities turn into the quilting equivalent of a Gremlin. Destruction ensues in the form of wasted fabric and seam rippers. Oh the

One baby, one quilt

One quilt, one picture every Thursday and one baby growing up too fast. I’ve been taking weekly pictures of Angela using the quilt my aunt made for her as the background. You can see bigger shots below. The idea is to document her subtle changes as she grows during her first year of life. I got the inspiration from Clara’s Photo Project on Young House Love. They used a plain

Nap time quilting

Today's quilting goal: Take advantage of nap times and get caught up on the Block of the Month. A photo posted by Stephanie De Pasquale-Soebbing (@ssoebbing) on Jul 4, 2014 at 10:14am PDT Nap time quilting.  It’s a popular pastime among quilting moms, there are even entire blogs dedicated to it. And now I’m one of the nap time quilters cramming as much into nap times as possible. It’s amazing what you