Reason #357 why it is awesome to live next door to a quilter

About four years ago I packed up and headed to my first quilt retreat. I brought so much stuff with me my husband joked that it looked like I was … Continue Reading →

Productive insomnia

I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where sleep is elusive. I’m up every couple hours dealing with heartburn, sore hips or pressure on my sciatic nerve, and let’s not … Continue Reading →

Illini Quilt

My first quilts, don’t look too close

I’ve been without a sewing machine for a week while mine was being cleaned and repaired. Why I always wait for it to break before getting it serviced, I can’t … Continue Reading →

10 signs you may be going through sewing machine withdrawal

1. Your sewing machine broke less than an hour ago, but you’re already at the craft store because you have an overwhelming need to organize seven years worth of photos … Continue Reading →

ombre crib quilt, swirls, free motion quilting

A quilting emergency

There I was, 18 inches away from finishing sewing the binding onto the front of a crib quilt I needed to finish. I still had to sew it to the … Continue Reading →

Best laid plans

Plans are made to be broken and that’s exactly what happened last weekend. I went to visit my parents for the weekend so my husband could paint the nursery to … Continue Reading →

January quilting goals

Transforming my sewing room into a nursery means I’ve got to get some of big projects out of the way before the baby arrives. And that means I have a … Continue Reading →

Sewing room organization

It feels good to declutter

My husband and I live in a little two bedroom ranch. Until now, the second bedroom has been my sewing room/throw anything in there that doesn’t have a permanent home. … Continue Reading →

iron setting on fire

So … I set my iron on fire

Today we say goodbye to the iron which has served long and faithfully for more than a decade. A high school graduation gift from my aunt, the quilter, she must … Continue Reading →

maple leaf, log cabin, fall quilt, king-sized quilt

Finding time to quilt every day

It’s fall, and that means spending more time in a classroom than at my sewing machine. I teach journalism and advise the student newspaper at my alma mater. We’re not … Continue Reading →