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Sleeping babies, the IRS and creative time

  The good news … at nine-months-old Angela has started to go to sleep and stay asleep at the same time every night. And her bedtime is a full three hours before my bedtime, which means plenty of time to do whatever I want. The bad news … I’ve been spending the majority of that time doing the books for the blog. In 2014, after years and years of blogging,

Quilt Retreat!

In just under four weeks I will spend four days at my guild’s quilt retreat! I’ll be going with my aunt, who you can see here with me in a photo taken about three years ago at the last retreat we went to together. It has been so long since I’ve had uninterrupted sewing time, that I just can’t wait for the opportunity. I used to go without fail for

Don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight

I have a few quilting rules, most of them regulate what I can and cannot attempt to sew after 10 p.m. Paper piecing is at the top of the do not attempt list. The results are similar to getting a Mogwai wet or feeding it after midnight. My sewing abilities turn into the quilting equivalent of a Gremlin. Destruction ensues in the form of wasted fabric and seam rippers. Oh the

One baby, one quilt

One quilt, one picture every Thursday and one baby growing up too fast. I’ve been taking weekly pictures of Angela using the quilt my aunt made for her as the background. You can see bigger shots below. The idea is to document her subtle changes as she grows during her first year of life. I got the inspiration from Clara’s Photo Project on Young House Love. They used a plain

Nap time quilting

Today's quilting goal: Take advantage of nap times and get caught up on the Block of the Month. A photo posted by Stephanie De Pasquale-Soebbing (@ssoebbing) on Jul 4, 2014 at 10:14am PDT Nap time quilting.  It’s a popular pastime among quilting moms, there are even entire blogs dedicated to it. And now I’m one of the nap time quilters cramming as much into nap times as possible. It’s amazing what you

A little quilter is born

The wait is over. My husband and I welcomed Angela Elizabeth Soebbing into the world at 2:49 p.m. on May 8, 2014. She was was 5 pounds, 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. She’s got a full head of dark black hair just like her mama. It took a whole two days for her closet to be filed with pink and white baby clothes given to us by excited

Reason #357 why it is awesome to live next door to a quilter

About four years ago I packed up and headed to my first quilt retreat. I brought so much stuff with me my husband joked that it looked like I was leaving him. It did look like I had emptied our little overcrowded two bedroom duplex we were renting. We were house hunting, but hadn’t found anything yet in a neighborhood we liked at the price tag we could afford. This

Productive insomnia

I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where sleep is elusive. I’m up every couple hours dealing with heartburn, sore hips or pressure on my sciatic nerve, and let’s not forget the increasingly frequent trips to the bathroom. Then there are the mornings where I wake up an hour or so before my alarm with no chance of falling back asleep. My doctor says this is my body’s way of

My first quilts, don’t look too close

I’ve been without a sewing machine for a week while mine was being cleaned and repaired. Why I always wait for it to break before getting it serviced, I can’t tell you. Probably procrastination combined with not wanting to be without the machine. In the meantime I’ve been scrap booking. I made it to 2009, which was a big year. My first niece was born, I got married and that