Quilting made easy

Tutorial: Make a pillowcase with French seams

When I first learned how to make pillowcases I used a one-sheet handout with black and white photos. It was very difficult to understand, especially the part about rolling the fabric up. So I’ve created this video tutorial for you to learn how to use this technique to make pillowcases from your favorite novelty fabric, sports team, cartoon character or just with leftover fabric to match your latest quilt. Don’t

Ombre crib quilt top sneak peak

    I resisted the very strong urge to start a new project Saturday night and instead finished up the ombre crib quilt top I’ve been working on. I made it from a Kona Skinny Strip Bundle, the strips are 1 1/2 inches wide instead of 2 1/2 inches like most jelly rolls. The width makes the quilt finish the perfect size for a crib quilt, which is what this

Ombre crib quilt tutorial

This quilt in progress has gotten some buzz on Instagram from a few folks who think it looks a whole lot more complicated than it is. So today I’m bringing you a tutorial. Basically if you can make binding, you can make this quilt. It’s that easy. My order from @fatquartershop arrived AND I picked up scrap booking supplies today. Which project to work on #dilemas A photo posted by

Maple Leaf Log Cabin quilt pattern available for download

I’ve loved this quilt since the moment I started it. And judging from all the Facebook likes, retweets and hearts on Instagram, you all do too. Now you can make your own maple leaf log cabin quilt with my pattern. The pattern includes instructions on how to make half square triangles from squares, which means all those leave points will end up where they are supposed to. And it teaches

Just Hangin’ Around

This is the first in a series of crib quilt I’m working on that takes a modern twist on pictorial kit quilts that were popular in the mid-20th Century. I have a few of the antique crib quilts in my collection. They feature one large image that is appliqued, embroidered or both. Some are on a plain background, others feature decorative borders. My modern versions are made entirely from batiks

How to make double pinwheels from squares

It’s time for another post in the Triangle Boot Camp series. This week you’ll learn how to make double pinwheels from squares. That’s right, there’s no sewing on a stretch bias, not cutting triangles, just perfect piecing every time. Using this method will give you two double pinwheels that are a mirror image of each other. If you’re working with a pattern that requires just one type of double pinwheels,

How to make quarter square triangles from squares

Piecing triangles can be a nightmare. Sewing on the bias can stretch out the seam, warping the block, getting the points all out of whack and giving you a block that doesn’t lie flat or piece together properly. That’s why I developed a Triangle Boot Camp class, teaching methods where all the triangles are made from squares. You sew first and cut second. That keeps the fabric stable, which makes

Another UFO down!

One of the gals in my sit-n-sew was expecting her first child and trying to start and finish a chevron baby quilt before the little guy arrived. She was already in the third trimester. So the rest of the Next Generation Sit-n-Sew (we’re all in our 20s and 30s) decided we’d make one for her. We all made half square triangles using navy prints in our stash and Kona white.

Improve your quilting with a Craftsy class by Carol Doak

My quilting changed forever when I took a class from Carol Doak. She came to lecture and teach classes at my quilt guild and that class transformed me from a so-so quilter, to one who can execute just about anything I envision in my mind. Dubbed the Queen of Paper Piecing, Carol is a great teacher and got me hooked on the quilting technique. I love it because paper piecing