Finished quilts of 2014

This past year was pretty productive when it came to quilting. I finished seven quilts, four of which were UFOs when the year began. I didn’t finish all the UFOs … Continue Reading →

blue and white snowball and nine patch quilt, www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

Quilt reveal: Snowpocalypse

Snowpocaplypse More snow than you would ever need, or could imagine. – Urban Dictionary This quilt’s original name was Winter Blues. I started it during a heat wave last summer. … Continue Reading →

Snowball quilt - www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

Snowed in with the Winter Blues

I live in the Midwest, which means a big winter storm has blanketed my town. Appropriately, I was working on my king sized Winter Blues quilt when the storm hit. … Continue Reading →

How to strip piece small squares for a quilt border - www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com

How to strip piece without pins

For my king-sized snowball quilt I decided to echo the 2-inch squares than make up the nine patches in the center of the quilt in the border. That meant creating … Continue Reading →

snowball quilt pattern, nine patch, quilt pattern, PDF

Dry spell is over, new quilt pattern for download

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell recently when it comes to quilting. The creativity is there, the time to execute isn’t. But since I made a New Year’s … Continue Reading →

Rainbow lonestar quilt

2013 will be the year of the UFO

One of my biggest issues with quilt addiction is my constant need to start something new. I call it Quilters ADD, but my joke is becoming a problem. I just … Continue Reading →

Snowball and nine patch quilt in blue, white and gray

Dining room tables are for quilting, not eating

I had one of those, “I think I might have a problem moments.” I’m not talking about a quilt construction problem, I’m talking about a quilt addiction problem. My schedule … Continue Reading →

Snowball quilt

Snowball quilt progress report

I locked myself in the sewing room, but I didn’t quite get my snowball quilt top pieced. I do have the quilt center pieced into six sections, so I think … Continue Reading →

Blue nine patch snowflake

I’m snowed in my sewing room

OK, clearly it isn’t actually snowing in my sewing room, but my blue and white snowball quilt is starting to come together. I’ve had the snowball blocks done since I … Continue Reading →

Snowball quilt block

Making snowballs in a heat wave

Last week the temperature was in the 90s all week where I live in the Midwest. It was the kind of week where you’d take two showers a day and … Continue Reading →