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  • Betty Blume says:

    is it possible to purchase the 10 video instructions on how to make a t-shirt quilt?

  • Christina says:

    I would like to make a quilt out of my daughters soccer jerseys, do I use the same steps as with the t shirt quilt?

    • Yes, but I would test out the fusing process on a scrap you’re not going to use in the quilt first to determine what setting the iron needs to be on. You’ll have to find the balance between getting the iron hot enough to activate the fusible interfacing and cool enough not to damage the jersey material. I would also suggest using the applique pressing sheet between the iron and the jersey every time you press to protect the jersey material.

  • Jan says:

    Hi, just finished watching your t shirt quilt videos, Thank You! ? Where did you get your ironing board cover? I sure could use one.

  • Kassy wilder says:

    Hi, I’m trying to do a quilt with my sons baby onsies, I’m doin the the squares in 5×5, what should I do the stashing ?

  • Thank you so very much for this wonderful tutorial; I have just received my first order for a tee-shirt quilt…..very nerve-racking but after watching you I think I can handle it:-)

  • Carmen Schaffer says:

    How do you get the chalk markings off the quilt? I didn’t see any when you were putting on the binding.


  • Carolina says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m making my first tshirt quilt for my daughter, i’m very nervous but with your videos I feel more confident :-)thanks.
    I had a question regarding the sashing and conerstones, my squares are 15 x 15 and I would like to use a 3″ sashing, should I cut the sashing 3.5″ x 15.5″ to allow for sewing, and also for the conersotones 3.5″ wide please help me :-(

    Thank you,


  • Anne says:

    I’m about ready to start my t-shirt quilt, but what do I do when the pattern on the shirt is more than will fit the 12.5 inch square? Some are as large as 14″ x 16″. Also, can sweatshirts be used, and if so do they need to have the fused backing also?
    Thank you for your help….

    • You have a couple of options. You can cut the design down to 12.5 inches, leaving off some of the design. This works for most shirts and still looks OK, you just have to decide which elements you want to include. The other option is to cut everything to 16.5 inches, but that will require you to do some math to figure out the amount of fabric you need for sashing and interfacing. And yes, sweatshirts can be used, and they do have to be fused.

  • Jan says:

    Your T-shirt quilt tutorials have been very helpful and easy to follow. However, I do have a question about quilting over my T-shirt designs. Many are a rubbery type material and I’m concerned that I will end up with uneven stitches, a gummed up needle or thread breaking?? Is there a certain machine needle I should use? I’m very hesitant to just give it a go since my progress thus far has been great. Help!

    • I’ve quilted a few shirts like that. I just use a standard quilting needle and it works just fine. When you go to the store the needle pack will say “Quilting” on it. No need to get anything special.

  • Denise Lamon says:

    Stephanie, Love your double pinwheel method and vid but my only question is the math part: You mention at the start of the vid you want a 4″ finished block. Why then for the final step when squaring up, you cut a 4 1/2″ finished half square triangle. It’s somewhat confusing. Can you please respond re: this discrepancy???


    • Finished is the term used for how big the block is once it is sewed into the finished quilt. The unit in the video is not finished so you still need an extra half-an-inch for your seam allowance, hence squaring it up to 4 1/2. I hope this helps.

  • penny fay says:

    can I get the block of the month written instructions, I cant find them I need the cutting sizes. all I can find is the video,.

    thank you penny

  • Shirley says:

    I am going to make my granddaughter a t shirt quilt and she wanted a zebra print for the back This will be my first quilt and I wasn’t sure how this would look quilted .What do you think?

  • Shirley says:

    I just finished my t shirt quilt top . The back will be a zebra print flannel . I was going to quilt it using straight lines since this is my first quilt. I was going to use clear thread for the top but don’t know what to use for the bottom that won’t distract from the zebra print. My machine won’t sew with clear on both top and bottom. Do you have any suggestions ?

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